I'm IN!!! Where can I learn ITS?

Find a teacher near you! There are over 50 ITS Certified Teachers worldwide and they are so ready to have you in class! We recommend starting with them to see if there is a teacher near you. If not, no worries! Amy Sigil has her entire ITS Level 1 Slow and Fast Vocabulary available on Datura Online!

Do I need a dance background to learn ITS?

While a dance background is not required, we do recommend contacting the teacher in your area to see what they offer and how they recommend you start the process. Stania, a level 1 ITS Certified Teacher from Czech Republic says: "If you love it, you will make it! No special skills or experience is necessary, you only have to love it and be ready to work and not compare yourself to others....Yes, there are other dancers with different level of skill or experience but we will work together and support each other to make the magic happen!"

How is ITS different from ATS®?

ATS® is the highly respected root language that inspired ITS. ITS is a dialect or slang that developed from ATS®. As music, costuming and creative influences developed in ITS, these two styles at a glance are very different, but are based off the same root words and concepts.

How do I bring Amy Sigil to teach ITS to my community?

Contact us to start the conversation. Amy will get back to you ASAP to discuss the best option for you.

How do I certify in ITS?

If you are interested in becoming an ITS Certified teacher, first you need to sign up for workshops and/or classes in ITS from Amy Sigil (on Datura Online) or a Certified Teacher near you. If you are ready to start teaching and/or are interested in all the fine details from source, Amy Sigil offers ITS Certification intensives which is a launching point to take your certification test and be able to teach ITS in your community. Please contact us to let us know you are interested in signing up for an ITS Certification Intensive. Amy will be in touch.